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Dr. Niroshan appointed Cluster Director LAUGFS Gas

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Dr. Niroshan was appointed as the Cluster Director and CEO of LAUGFS Gas. As a firm believer of ‘working smart’ and the concept of ‘strategic agility’, Dr. Niroshan echoes the belief of finding a way to do things differently, while ensuring the best possible outcome.

He believes that continuous disruptive innovation is a must for any business to thrive in today’s challenging, and highly volatile socio-economic environment. Dr. Niroshan’s main business ethos is based on the concept of ‘resourcefulness’ – as he believes it is what separates a successful business from one that struggles. He believes optimising resources and strategically targeted investments drive value creation by enabling the business to expand their reach while best utilising the assets at hand.

Dr. Niroshan stands out amidst the sea of corporate leadership due to his constant efforts at sharing his vast knowledge with the rising generation of future leaders. He is recognised as an inspirational leader, with values driven from a deep sense of purpose – that of driving positive change.

As the CEO of LAUGFS Lubricants, Dr. Niroshan was able to transform a struggling business to one that is highly profitable and sustainable at its core. Awarded as the ‘People Leader – Marketing’ in 2017, He led LAUGFS Lubricants to be recognised as the ‘Best Turnaround Brand’ for the year 2020. Despite the challenging macroeconomic conditions brought about by the pandemic, the company was able to execute its expansion strategy by establishing its presence in Bangladesh in 2022, opening its corporate office a year later, while further expanding its operations to the Maldives.

Recognised for his efforts in transforming LAUGFS Lubricants into a strong, unique brand, he was named as the ‘Business Transformation CEO’ for the year 2022.

Dr. Niroshan, who holds a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK, as well as a Certified Management Account, has placed greater focus on educating tomorrow’s leaders. To this extent he serves as a senior lecturer and panelist for top leading universities, both locally, and internationally (PIM University, UWS).

Thursday, April 13, 2023 – 01:00

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