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Dr. Senaka Kelum Gamage, Director Pim

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Armed with over two decades of experience in university-level education management, Dr. Gamage has also served as Director of World Bank-funded Higher Education Projects of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura for ten years.

Dr. Gamage highlighted the renewed role of PIM in today’s world: “The PIM is all about building a special breed of professional managers who achieve mastery to thrive and stand tall in their relevant businesses.

The PIM, having molded thousands of business leaders in this country for over three decades as the nation’s pioneering business school, will develop further to become a thought leader in business within the Asian region and beyond. PIMA can play a pivotal role in reaching this goal by strengthening the network and getting into more collaborations and partnerships with organizations where the PIM Alumni in key positions.”

Dr. Gamage, in his address, at the welcome event of his appointment, patronized by PIMA members, shared his key plans for PIM.He also stressed on the importance of ensuring that PIM is accredited by both local and global accreditation institutes to earn true global recognition.

With his new appointment, Dr. Gamage was also assigned as the new patron of the Postgraduate Institute of Management Alumni Association (PIMA), which he said will be “a key partner in PIM’s journey of realizing its vision of becoming a thought leader in business management.”

“It is essential for PIM to enable students and learning partners to constantly engage in professional career development – PIMA will be a significant partner in this endeavour. PIMA is our strength – having qualified leaders of the business field is a pillar on which we can build upon.”

PIMA President, Denzil Perera noted: “It is an honour and privilege to have a veteran in the likes of Dr. Gamage as the patron of PIMA. Whilst being an invaluable addition to PIM’s senior management team, his vast experience, expertise and exposure will be instrumental in leading PIM to greater heights while enabling us to navigate today’s dynamic world of uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity and volatility.”

Dr. Gamage’s welcome event was held at PIM auditorium streaming live on PIMA FB page with participation of PIMA members from across the globe.

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