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Drug dealer arrested in Pesalai, man shot in the melee

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Police Special Task Force officers shot a person who tried to stab them when they were carrying out a raid at a house in Mannar,  to arrest an Ice drug trafficker on Monday (15) evening.

A person named M.U.M.Jaleel (25), a resident of Periyakarsal in Pesalai, who was shot and injured had been admitted to the Mannar Hospital.

Police Special Task Force Mannar camp officers had received information that there was drug trafficking going on in a house located in Periyakarsal, Mannar, and had launched an operation to raid the place.

A group of officers along with Mannar camp chief, Inspector Jayasinghe in official uniform and Police Constables Madhusanka (38813) and Samaraweera (94646) in civilian clothing had participated in this operation.

Officers in plain clothes, posing as drug addicts had gone to the house and met the 23-year-old man named Farhan, who is a drug dealer, and handed over two 1000-rupee notes and asked for the Ice drug.Police said that the trafficker had shouted when the police officers were preparing to arrest the trafficker while he was handing over the drugs.

According to the Special Task Force, a person named Jaleel, who is a resident of Pesalai, had rushed to the place with a cleaver and hacked PC Samaraweera. The Special Task Force stated that constable Madhusanka, who was with him, had shot the person named Jaleel in order to save the life of his fellow officer.

When the shooting took place, the group of officers in uniform had been at a nearby place. The officers who acted immediately had found that Jaleel had been shot and injured and took steps to admit him to the Mannar Hospital. In the meantime,the person named Farhan, the drug dealer, had also been arrested. 390 mg of the drug ice had been found in his possession.

The police constable who had engaged in the shooting had handed over his duty firearm used in the shooting along with the magazine containing 10 rounds of ammunition to the Mannar Headquarters Police Station and provided a statement regarding the shooting.


Wednesday, May 17, 2023 – 01:00

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