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Drug dealer Siyam dies in Prison

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Siyam, a powerful drug dealer who was sentenced to death died in Welikada Prison last Thursday (14).

This drug trafficker, known as Ward Place Siyam, was arrested by the Police Narcotics Bureau on November 28, 2003 along with his wife with 23 kilos and 13 grams of heroin.

Siyam posed as a gem businessman and was associating with politicians very closely, was arrested along with the drugs at his Ward Place house. Siyam and his wife were sentenced to death by the High Court on December 17, 2007.

He and his wife filed an appeal at the Court of Appeal against this sentence. After the death sentence was re-affirmed by the Court of Appeal, the two fought a battle to be freed by a Presidential amnesty. It failed when the media reported about it at the time. Then they both submitted an appeal to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court confirmed the decision given to Siyam and decided to consider the wife’s appeal.

Siyam died a few days after the Supreme Court upheld his death sentence. It is said that Siyam died on September 14 after suffering from a kidney-related illness for a long time. After a post-mortem examination was carried out, his body had been buried on September 15.

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