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Easter attacks debate held now for political gain – Minister

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Chief Government Whip Minister Prasanna Ranatunga told Parliament yesterday that the Opposition is trying to create an opinion that President Ranil Wickremesinghe is trying to protect those involved in the Easter Sunday attacks.

The Minister emphasised that racism and religiosity should not be used for political gain.”There are people who are still suffering because of the Easter attack. None of the dead and injured people are terrorists. Killing is not something we approve of. We should all be in one place to demand legal action against the people who carried out this attack,”the Minister said.

‘Today this proposal was brought by those who ruled the country at that time. Someone says that Saharan was given the necessary facilities to plan the attack during that time.Then who gave Saharan and his team the necessary facilities? I don’t think any Government would do that.But if some have done that, they should accept that mistake. Do not drag the Rajapaksas to this. However, action should be taken against those who were responsible for this.

“Today, this debate is being held in order to obtain political gain. This is wrong. The people in the villages are still suffering. There were clashes between the President and Prime Minister during the Yahapalana Government.The Prime Minister was not even allowed to attend the Security Council meeting. Why did Ministers in the Yahapalana government did not pressure the President to make room for the Prime Minister to participate in the Security Council meeting. There was no political stability in the country at that time. That is why we came to power. Otherwise, it’s not because of an Easter attack.

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