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Edward a karateka and instructor par excellence

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The 46 year old Edward has created Sri Lankan history by winning the first ever Asian bronze medal in 2002 in Busan Games and also first South Asian Games gold medal in 2010 at the 11th South Asian Games in Dhaka.

Edward already proved his talent with his excellent performances in this sport . He is going to celebrate his Asia medal after 19th year and also 11 years ago he won his gold at the South Asian Games with the message “dedication and commitment of the sport” is the success of the story.

Sensei R.J Edward is the only Sri Lankan to achieve the highest honour in this sport . He holds a National Black Belt (6th Dan), an International Black belt (6th Dan Japan) and a World Karate Federation (WKF) Black belt (6th Dan) in karate. During his prime, he was a leading member of the Sri Lanka National Karate Team winning the award for the Most Outstanding Player at the Sri Lanka National sports festival, five times, and has captained the team on many occasions.

Among his many celebrated victories, a few could be highlighted such as being the first and only Sri Lankan to win a bronze medal in karate at the 2002 Asian Games held in Busan South Korea, and a gold medal at the South Asian Games 2010. His participation at the 2012 WKF World Karate Championships was also the first time a Sri Lankan qualified for participation in such a high profile championship.

Edward is presently a highly qualified coach and referee in this sport. He was the first WKF certified Sri Lankan coach as well as first WKF Kata Judge in Sri Lanka.

Edward always likes to give his knowledge to others and his ambition is to develop this Martial Art sport to a higher level .He is a an Instructor of the Karate Team of the Sri Lanka Air Force, University of Kelaniya, many National and International Schools in Sri Lanka including D.S. Senanayake College, Bishops College and Asian International School and has already given much needed exposure for young karatekas. He is the President and Chief Instructor of the Sri Lankan Branch of the world renowned Inoue-ha Shito Ryu Keishin kai karate do Association – Japan. With an active student base of nearly 500, he has produced many national and international medallists for Sri Lanka.

Edward is currently engaged in training the athletes who are to take part representing Sri Lanka, at the upcoming 2022 Asian Games in Hangzou, China. These young athletes are highly promising and have the potential to once again go forward after two decades since Edward himself won the bronze medal and secure a gold medal for Sri Lanka. In 2002 Busan Asian Games no one expected Edward’s medal from this sport . However he gave Sri Lankan’s first ever Asian medal when he finished third in the men’s individual Kata event with a bronze medal . He had a convincing 3-0 win over Pakistan Farman Ahmed in the Kata final Repechage Group ‘A’.

After eight years in 2010 once again he grabbed the gold medal in 67kg category as an aircraftman of Sri Lankan Air Force . Edward is very keen to teach this sport to youngsters. He describes his vision, as seeking to use the teaching of karate passed down to him through many generations of teachers, to nurture a new generation that uphold and practice good health, self-discipline and responsibility in every area of life. He always believes that he who masters these traits will be worthy of the highest victories the world has to offer.

The Sports Ministry already given financial assistance as well as infrastructure facilities such as a new training centre for this sport and the coaches like Edwards service is more important at this stage to build up this sport.

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