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Eric Rajapakse Opticians opens newest branch located in Kiribathgoda

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Eric Rajapakse Opticians opens newest branch located in KiribathgodaBy venturing beyond the city of Colombo, Eric Rajapakse Opticians is now able to provide their products and services to customers based in and around the Kiribathgoda area. Eric Rajapakse Opticians highly-qualified and well-experienced professionals use state-of-the-art equipment such as computerised auto-refractometers, ophthalmoscopes, keratometers, slit-lamps and others to carry out accurate tests. Customers can choose from a wide range of world-famous spectacles and sunglasses brands including Michael Kors, Prada, Gucci, Vogue, Ray Ban, Polo Ralph Lauren, Polar Sun and many others. It also provides a comprehensive range of international brands of lenses, including the world-renowned Essilor lenses from France. Additionally, it provides Beltone hearing aids, a world-class product made in Denmark and available in over 40 countries, so that customers can get their eyesight and hearing checked from one convenient location.

Rajeev Rajapakse stated, “We are well-established in the Colombo city area and therefore decided to take our services to the suburbs of the city. Kiribathgoda is a town that we have been eyeing for a while as it has a growing number of homes and businesses. We are offering our world-class products and services to the residents of the area so that they don’t have to travel all the way to Colombo to access top quality spectacles, sunglasses, frames, contact lenses and hearing aids.”

Eric Rajapakse Opticians has built a reputation as being a female-friendly optical brand as it has a good understanding of the challenges faced by female customers. It has more female than male staff and the product range has plenty of choices for female customers thereby ensuring that they have the perfect environment to look into their eyecare needs. It has become one of the leading eyecare specialists for thousands of Sri Lankan females and the company aims to further improve its female friendly products and services in order to become the No.1 choice for eyecare among them.

Eric Rajapakse Opticians’ long journey began in 1917, when the founder Alfred Rajapakse, had a vision to build Sri Lanka’s best eye care company and serve his fellow citizens during a time when there were only a handful of optical companies in Sri Lanka. Building on the foundation set by the father, Eric Rajapakse established himself as a leading figure in Sri Lanka’s optical industry. Eric Rajapakse Opticians has witnessed the evolution of the optical industry in Sri Lanka and played a key role as the industry expanded over the past few decades.

Eric Rajapakse Opticians opens newest branch located in Kiribathgoda
Eric Rajapakse Opticians opens newest branch located in Kiribathgoda

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