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Excess nursing staff at Hataraliyadda Hospital

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In the backdrop of many regional hospitals in Kandy District reporting an acute shortage of nurses the Hataraliyedda Regional Hospital has not only an excess nursing staff but some also claim overtime.

The Central Provincial Health Department has confirmed replying to a RTI request that although only four nurses are approved for this hospital currently ten nurses including the head nurse are working there.

Due to the fact that the transportation services were not functioning properly during the COVID pandemic, a number of nurses were given temporary assignment to the nearest hospital to their home after considering compassionate requests. Five nurses had come to the hospital then under the above condition. Some nurses even get overtime even though there is an excess of nursing staff in the hospital.

A nurse who came to this hospital under an attachment from Theldeniya had gone to work in Singapore last April without informing the administration. However, even after she left she had been paid her salary for three months and an investigation has also been initiated regarding the this payment of salary.

It is reported that not a single nurse is available in Ambagahapalassa and Batumulla Regional Hospitals in the Minipe division.

Central Provincial Health Services Director Dr.Nihal Weerasekera said that a team including a Deputy Director was appointed to investigate the complaints received regarding this hospital.

He said that he admits that the number of nurses in the hospital is slightly higher and added that he will investigate the overtime payment claims.

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