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Excise Dept collects Rs. 82 Mn in 20,121 raids in first six months

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The Excise Department has arrested 20,121 persons including 2,687 women from 20,121 raids done in the first six months 2023. These are related to illicit liquor, drug and tobacco offences.

The Excise and Court fines imposed on the suspect’s amount to a total of Rs.82 million, the Department said.

According to the department 16,726 charges had been filed under the Excise Ordinance, 2,943 under the Poisons, Opium and Dangerous Drugs Ordinance and 452 under Tobacco Tax act and the National Tobacco and Alcohol Act.

A significant number of these raids were carried out on complaints and information provided directly by the public and through the 1913 hotline.

These raids consist of thorough raids conducted by 57 Excise Stations and five Excise Special Operations Units as well as the Excise Narcotics Bureau. Also, these raids have been conducted by deploying nearly 900 excise officers under the leadership of the Assistant Excise Commissioners in charge of the respective provinces and the District Excise Superintendents covering the 9 provinces.

Excise Additional Commissioner General Kapila Kumarasinghe stated that public can complain through hotline number 1913 and by fax to 011-2877 688, email

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