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Explosive sounds, tremors shake up floors in rural Anuradhapura

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According to local residents, an earthquake-like incident was reported from several houses on the night of September 20, in the Kaluarachchiyagama area of Higuru Wewa Grama Sewa Division of Palagala Divisional Secretariat, in the Anuradhapura District.

Ranjith Wimalasena, a resident of Kaluarachchiyagama, whose house was also damaged by this earth tremor incident, said that several houses in this area experienced this noise during the day, as well as in the night, and that, all the floor tiles in his house have been displaced. At around 10:30 pm, he heard a loud noise on the roof of his house and went out with his wife to investigate.

Unable to see anything untoward, he returned to his house and noticed that the floor tiles in the living room were protruding from the floor.

They also heard a noise from the roof of another house nearby, that afternoon.

Further, residents of the area pointed out that a loud noise was heard around 10.30 pm on the same day, at another house located about a kilometre away.

The residents said that the Galkiriagama Police and the Palagala Divisional Secretariat were informed about this.

It has not been possible to ascertain what happened so far, and they request the authorities to investigate this incident urgently.

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