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Extra-curricular activities help overcome children’s mental disorders – Dr. Ruban

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The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) yesterday highlighted the importance of eliminating the state of depression from the minds of young children and said over 200,000 young and adults who were suffering from depression and various other similar mental illnesses were completely cured by the NIMH with proper guidelines during the last five years.

Speaking to the Daily News Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Rumi Ruban said during the said period the NIMH was able to protect a large number of persons especially young blood in our country from committing suicides by giving proper advices via 1926 hotline.

He further requested parents to be vigilant over the behaviour of their children especially those who are engaged in educational activities and allow them also to be engaged in leisure activities too in order to minimize the stress especially after school examinations and also during school vacations.

“Involvement in extra-curricular activities by children is very important to avoid mental disorders,” he said.

Dr. Ruban also highlighted that educational authorities should also focus attention towards this matter and establish special units in schools to guide children.

Dr. Ruben further said many children are also addicted to digital equipment, especially to the internet, unwanted websites and it is the duty of parents to stop such happenings.

Dr. Ruban requested the media to refrain from highlighting certain incidents that will tarnish the minds of young children.

He said according to reports, the majority of children are getting involved in unacceptable harassments after consuming liquor or dangerous drugs and parents should be vigilant over this serious matter.

Psychiatrist specialist Dr. Dammika Wijesundara said during the last few years the NIMH was able to help over 100,000 young and middle-aged persons who had mental illnesses providing advice and guidelines via telephones.

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