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Farmers will receive fertilizer for Maha season – Secretary

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Agriculture Ministry Secretary Prof. Udith Jayasinghe yesterday stated that the measures have already been taken to provide eco-friendly compost, solid fertilizer, potassium chloride and nano nitrogen to farmers who are preparing for paddy cultivation during the Maha season.

He said the government has provided Rs.12,500 per hectare for farmers to produce compost. The Secretary further stated that steps have been taken to provide free compost solid fertilizer by the Agrarian Development Centres to farmers who have not received such financial assistance.

“It is not unreasonable for the farmers to be alarmed when they realize that there is a shortage of fertilizer at the beginning of the paddy season, but now the government is preparing to provide fertilizer for the Maha season as promised. There has been some delay in this process. In addition to locally produced compost fertilizers, eco-friendly potassium chloride granular fertilizers and nano-nitrogen liquid fertilizers have also been imported. We are now developing a mechanism to compensate for any reduction in paddy yields or any other damage caused by the application of this government-recommended fertilizer, so we as a government call on farmers to do their utmost. ”

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