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Father arrested after son shares his cannabis with school friends

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The Panadura Walana Central Anti-Corruption Force Police arrested the father after investigating a student of a mixed school in Kalutara who cut the cannabis grown

by his father and had inhaled it with his friends at school, the father of the student was arrested in Rajawatte in Kalutara.

Ten cannabis plants that had been cultivated were taken into police custody together with the suspect.The police said that the raid was carried out based on some information given secretly to the director of the Panadura Walana Central Anti-Corruption Task Force, ASP Udaya Kumara, by some parents that their children showed signs of intoxication when they came home.

The Panadura Walana Central Anti-Corruption Task Force officers had uncovered the student’s information. They had followed him after school when the student was going home and clearly

identified his house. Police said that the raid was carried out yesterday afternoon (30) in the absence of the student.

During the inspection of the surrounding premises including the suspect’s house, officers found that cannabis plants were grown in pots on the concrete roof of the toilet behind the house and their height was about three and a half feet, Sub Inspector R.M.Chaturanga who led the raid said.

The 42-year-old man, the father of the student, was arrested and handed over to the Kalutara South Police to be produced before court.The police stated that they will continue to look forward to the public’s support in bringing such criminals to justice by respectfully protecting the confidentiality of those who provide such information, which is the basis of a social disaster.

Investigations are being carried out under the instructions of the Panadura Walana Central Anti- Corruption Task Force Director Assistant Superintendent of Police Udaya Kumara and Officer- In-Charge Chief Inspector Indika Weerasinghe by Sub-Inspector R.M. Chaturanga, Police Sergeant 409 Wijeratne, Police Constables 84889 Udaya Kumara, 92905 Amila, 105086 Kesumaran, 105536 Mallawaarachchi and 105529 Silva.

Saturday, July 1, 2023 – 01:05

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