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Father, daughter held for covering up murder after four years

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 Badulla police yesterday arrested a father and his daughter over the murder of a child of a neighbouring house. This father and daughter in question had told the police that this child was run over   by their three wheeler while she was playing in their garden. However they have kept the body of the child on the main road to give an impression that she was run over by a vehicle plying on the road. Both of them tried to escape from the crime by laying responsibility for the death on another person who drove vehicle on the main road.

The two have been arrested after a four-year long investigation by the police into a father and daughter who tried to absolve themselves of the crime by disguising an accident and trapping another person in the line of the law.

The police said a 78-year-old father and a daughter aged 43, residents of Muthumala village in Badulla were arrested thus. A mother had come with her two-year-old child to a neighbouring house on 11 May 2018 and had been engaged in plucking tea leaves while the child was left to play in the garden. The owners of the house had told the mother that the child had been killed in a road accident and asked the mother to come. Then they had then taken the already dead child together with the mother to the hospital, the police said.

After the residents of the house reported to the police that the child had died after being run over by a lorry on the road, the driver of the vehicle was arrested and the law was enforced by the court.

The police said that the Judicial Medical Officer of the Badulla General Hospital had confirmed in a post-mortem examination done on the dead child that the death had occurred due to a vehicle accident.

After conducting a full investigation from 2021, based on the lorry driver’;s statement regarding the accident and the forensic report, the police who had suspicions regarding the accident confirmed the truth about it on 29. When the father and daughter who were taken into custody were questioned, they confessed that the daughter was responsible for the accident and gave all details to the police.The father and daughter had admitted that they placed the child’s body on the road to cover up the accident.

The divisional investigation unit of the Badulla Police said that the two persons who had been arrested will be produced before the Badulla Magistrate’s Court.

Officer-In-Charge of the Badulla divisional investigations unit Chief Inspector of Police Priyantha Chaminda together with a team of officers conducted investigations and revealed the truth and made arrangements to produce the two suspects in court.



Friday, December 30, 2022 – 01:00

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