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FFSL Elections: Violations could mean sanctions, warns FIFA and AFC

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In a recent communication, FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) and AFC (Asian Football Confederation) have emphasized the importance of integrity and fair play in the upcoming elections of the Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL), scheduled for 29 September 2023.

The letter, dated 21 September 2023, was sent in response to inquiries made by the FFSL regarding the adherence to FFSL statutes and electoral codes. These concerns were prompted by special regulations issued on 24 July 2023, which aimed to ensure the transparent conduct of the electoral process, identified by gazette reference number 2342/09.

FIFA and AFC have urged the FFSL and all relevant stakeholders to uphold the federation’s statutory obligations, placing significant emphasis on the need for independent management of FFSL affairs and the prevention of undue influence from external parties. These obligations align with the statutes of FIFA and AFC and should be diligently followed. The letter also cautions that any violations of these obligations could lead to sanctions, even if the influence from third parties is not the fault of the FFSL.

Moreover, the letter directs attention to the FFSL statutes and electoral codes, which outline legal remedies for resolving disputes related to the elections. It specifically highlights Article 62 of the FFSL statutes, which mandates that FFSL-related disputes must first be referred to the Sri Lanka National Arbitration Centre for resolution.

Additionally, the letter underscores the information provided in an extraordinary gazette issued by the Ministry of Sports of Sri Lanka on 24 July 2023, indicating that the FFSL elections will be conducted in accordance with the 2022 edition of the FFSL statutes.

Lastly, FIFA and AFC remind all parties of the suspension imposed by the Bureau of the FIFA Council on 27 August 2023. This suspension serves as a clear signal of FIFA and AFC’s commitment to monitoring the FFSL situation closely until the upcoming elections. In conclusion, FIFA and AFC express their trust in all involved parties to adhere to due process and uphold the principles of fair play, ensuring the betterment of Sri Lankan football. Their letter serves as a reminder of the crucial need to maintain the integrity of the electoral process and safeguard the independent management of FFSL affairs.

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