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FitsAir celebrates one year with significant impact on SL aviation industry

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FitsAir, a privately-owned airline in Sri Lanka known for its affordability and punctuality, recently celebrated its first anniversary with great enthusiasm.

This milestone marked a year filled with achievements, innovation, and a vibrant, youthful spirit. In just twelve short months, this dynamic airline has made a significant impact on Sri Lanka’s aviation industry while catering to a fun-loving, adventurous audience.

FitsAir emerged onto the aviation industry with a bold vision: to make air travel accessible, affordable, and enjoyable for all Sri Lankans. From its onset, the airline set out to revolutionise the travel experience by offering lower airfares and enhancing services. FitsAir has successfully heightened the aviation industry, benefitted passengers while continued to boost industry growth with their commitment to ‘More Sky for Less’.

FitsAir Executive Director Ammar Kassim said; “We have announced a significant milestone in our journey. At the core of FitsAir’s mission lies a devotion to passenger satisfaction and making ‘Ahase Fun,’ as per our trending tagline. As a private airline, FitsAir prioritises customer service by consistently striving to provide an unparalleled passenger experience. For us, it’s not merely about air transportation; it’s about creating memorable journeys. As FitsAir toasts to a year of achievements, it extends heartfelt gratitude to its passengers, partners, dedicated employees, pilots and flight crew who have been integral to this extraordinary journey. This is merely the beginning, and FitsAir promises more excitement, more opportunities, and, above all, more fun in the sky for everyone.”

FitsAir’s impact also extends to the business world. Through its Cargo services, the airline plays a pivotal role in facilitating the seamless flow of goods, thereby boostingregional trade and commerce.

In the spirit of innovation, FitsAir actively forges partnerships and alliances with other carriers, extending route networks and providing travellers an even broader range of choices. Lookingto the future, the airline is thrilled to announce that it will be flying to exciting new locations in the coming months. Committed to affordability, FitsAir offers a simplified fare structure. The base ticket price covers essential services such as the seat, baggage, and basic amenities. Passengers can customise their experience by adding optional services like seat selection and meals for a nominal fee. This flexibility ensures travellers to avoid unnecessary costs, and tailor their journey according to preference.

FitsAir embarked on this incredible journey amidst the uncertainty of jet fuel availability, showcasing resilience and adaptability. As the Island’s sole privately owned international airline, FitsAir carries the pride of the nation, with a strong belief in Sri Lanka’s aviation industry.

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