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Former CID IP gets Rs. 1 Mn compensation in FR case

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The Supreme Court held that arresting and suspending former CID Inspector Sugath Mendis’ fundamental rights has been violated.

It was specified that the state should pay former IP Sugath Mendis Rs.1 million as compensation within three months.

The authorities including the Inspector General of Police were ordered to take steps to provide all salary increments, allowances and promotions that should be entitled by law be granted to him.

The Supreme Court made this order after concluding the hearing of the Fundamental Rights petition filed by IP Mendis against his arrest and suspension for allegedly fabricating evidence in the case related to the kidnapping and murder of millionaire businessman Mohammed Siyam. Supreme Court Judge S.Thurairaja with the agreement of Justices Priyantha Jayawardena and Mahinda Samayawardena, announced this decision.

When the authorities do not create the necessary environment for government employees to work without fear, doubt and loyalty, it creates corruption and an inefficient public service, Judge

S.Thurairaja said while declaring the verdict.The judge said that the Police Department should take care to act according to the motto of the Department “Dhamme Bhave Rakkhathi Dhammachari”.

In this case involving the petitioner Police Inspector, the respondents have acted in a way that violates the doctrine of natural justice, it is stated in this judgement.It states that there has been a violation of the fundamental rights of the petitioner.The Inspector General of Police, the Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of the Ratnapura area and police officers, the chairman of the Public Services Commission, retired Judge Jagath Balapatabendi and members of Commission, the Attorney General and others have been named as respondents in this petition.Attorney Viran Corea appeared for the petitioner Sugath Mendis.

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