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From Actress to Ambassador

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The world is Actress, Author and Earth Day Network Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Michelle Dilhara’s Oyster. In fact, it can be called her symposium. Educated, eloquent and articulate, Michelle is conversant on many subjects such as the environment and education. Being an actress she has been the recipient of many awards. Now she has another feather in cap – Her music debut with the historical film “Sri Wickrama”.

It seems that in addition to being a talented actress, she is also a talented singer, who is sure to make her mark as a singer in the industry. “I got the opportunity to sing the main song “Minimeulen” for the historical film “Sri Wickrama” which was directed by Mr. Mohan Niyaz and produced by Dr. Gihan Godakanda. This is my first song and it was composed by Mr. Dinesh Subasinghe and written by Mr. Nilar N. Cassim. The film was released last Friday. Veteran actor Sriyantha Mendis as well as Akhila Dhanuddara, Chulakshi Ranathunga, Shyam Fernando and Buddhadasa Withanachchi are some of the actors who starred in the film,” said Michelle.

She is a very influential figure both in Sri Lanka and on the world stage. In 2020, she was appointed as the Earth Day Network Ambassador to Sri Lanka. Earth Day Network is one of the world’s largest environmental organizations.

“After being appointed, I had the opportunity to implement nearly 200 environmental projects in 10 Government Universities and schools in Sri Lanka. This year I was invited by the prestigious Ramanujan University College of Delhi University for a guest lecture on Sustainable Environment for the final year students of the environmental department. Earth Day Network Regional Director Mrs. Karuna Singh and Earth Day Network Director of Education and Outreach Mrs. Neela Majumdar were also invited as speakers. Ramanujan University College of Delhi University is the only environmental university in India which is named after the world renowned Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. Once again Srinivasa Ramanujan recently gained fame with the release of the Hollywood film “The Man Who Knew Infinity”. As stated in the official website of the Ramanujan University College, I was the first Sri Lankan Actress, invited to deliver a lecture at it premises,” she explained.

Over the years her influence has grown. Her presence at these important events has allowed her to rub shoulders with powerful people who are making an impact on the world stage. “The ICSE 2023 World Summit was held in New Delhi, India under the theme of Sustainable Education. The summit was initially organized by Dr. Ram Boojh, the Chief Executive Officer of Mobius Foundation, India. Representatives from over 50 countries participated including UNICEF, UNESCO, UNEP and WWF representatives. I was also invited for the summit, representing Sri Lanka, to deliver a speech. There were nearly 4000 participants as well as many groups who participated online from universities across the globe,” added Michelle.

As a young youth leader, Michelle has inspired so many youth in Sri Lanka to dream and achieve those dreams. She has inspired the youth to overcome challenges life throws at them and make those challenges an opportunity to grow and succeed in life. Michelle is the perfect example that the sky is the limit. If you are willing to work hard and show commitment in what you do, the world can be your oyster as well.

“A special program was held for the World Tourism Day 2023 at the sacred Sri Dalada Maligawa (Temple of the Tooth Relic) premises under the theme ‘Tourism and Green Investments’. 50 delegates from 10 countries participated in this program. I was also invited by the Sri Dalada Maligawa Media and Special Projects Bureau Mr. Mayura Roshan, to deliver a speech about the historical value of sacred Sri Dalada Maligawa among the delegates. Venerable Diyawadana Nilame also participated in this special program. During this program I got the opportunity to plant a tree in the premises of the sacred Sri Dalada Maligawa. This was one of the huge blessings I got during my life time,” pointed out Michelle.

Sidadiye Samanaliyo is one of the popular tele-dramas these days. The tele-drama is one that she is proud of, as she was able to display her versatility.

“In fact, the tele-drama Sidadiye Samanaliyo and my role Malki are gaining many positive responses from the audience. Recently there was plot twist in the story where my character Malki changes from a nurse to a CID officer. This plot twist gained a lot of attention even on social media. This was the first time I played these two roles in the same tele-drama and I am very happy about it.”

BOX TEXT – A recipient of the following awards and nominations she has received so far

Best Up-coming Actress at the Raigam Telee’s Award ceremony 2020 for the role Ayoma in Sudu Andagena Kalu Awidin teledrama.

Best Up-coming Actress at the Sumathi Award ceremony 2020 for the role Ayoma in Sudu Andagena Kalu Awidin teledrama.

Merit Award at the State Television Award ceremony 2020 for the role Ayoma in Sudu Andagena Kalu Awidin teledrama.

Nominated for the Best Actress at the Sumathi Award ceremony 2021 for the role Mahimi in Can You Hear Me teledrama.

Nominated for the Best Supporting Actress at the Raigam Telee’s Award ceremony 2022 for the role Navya in Looka teledrama.


Recent University programs, Michelle has taken part in

She was recently invited as the Chief Guest for the event “Purawara Ninnada” organized by the Faculty of Management, University of Colombo. Actor Kalana Gunasekara also participated as the Chief Guest.

She was invited as the Chief Guest for the event “Glamour UCK 2023” organized by the Department of Cosmetology, University College Kuliyapitiya, under the guidance of the CEO / Director of University College of Kuliyapitiya. Prosthetic Makeup Artist and Lecturer Mr. Oshan Yapa Amarasekara also joined the event for a guest lecture.

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