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Gangster Sanjeeva arrived to avenge opponents

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Information has been revealed that Makilangamuwe Sanjeewa, a powerful underworld drug dealer, had come to the country from Nepal with the intention harming members of an opposing underworld gang who shot at his house.

Sanjeewa’s wife and family members reside in Sanjeewa’s ancestral home in Makilangamuwa, Ganemulla. On the morning of August 25, a group of people had come to the front of that house on two motorcycles shot at them with a T-56 gun and fled.His house had been shot at, after it became known through the Sri Lankan media that the underworld criminal Gotha Asanka and Sanjeewa whom he was with, had been arrested by the Indian security forces, in an area close to the Nepalese border.

Initially it was said that the two were arrested by Indians, but later unconfirmed information revealed that they had been released by the Indian Security Forces.

Police information revealed that they have not got a chance to question Makilangamuwe Sanjeewa at length in this regard. As of yesterday, he has kept in the custody of Western Province North District Crime Division located in Peliyagoda. Arrangements were being made to conduct investigations subsequent to permission being obtained to detain him for 90 days under the provisions to prevent terrorism.

Makilangamuwe Sanjeewa will be kept at a Police station in the Gampaha district under the supervision of Western Province Northern DIG Rohan Premaratne.Police authorities have reached this decision because there are many murders and crimes he is alleged to have committed in the vicinity of Gampaha.

According to the immigration stamps and notes on the foreign passport of Makilangamuwe Sanjeewa when he arrived from Nepal yesterday (13), there was an official stamp of departure from this country on August 30 . It also had an Indian visa. The Indian visa had been issued for a three months from August 16. It also has the Indian Immigration Certificate that he entered India on August 30. The official stamp to indicate that he left India is September 4. The Nepalese immigration stamp of entry into Nepal is on September 6. It has already been confirmed that this passport is a genuine passport that has not been forged.

Investigations are currently being conducted with a strong focus on who actually left the country on August 30 with this passport. Suspicions have arisen that some person went to India and handed over these passports to Makilangamuwe Sanjeewa or another person went to India with the officially issued passport and handed it over to Sanjeewa. Police believe that they will be able to reveal the real situation by questioning Sanjeewa about it.

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