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Govt. curtailing democratic rights of the people -Mujibur Rahuman

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Former Member of Parliament Mujibur Rahuman said that the Government is working to curtail the democratic rights of the people including the freedom of speech by saying that they want to stabilize the country and the economy.

He pointed out that they are trying to create economic stability in the country by curbing the rights of the people.

The MP also mentioned that the Government has told the people to make sacrifices to stabilize the country, but the Government is not making any sacrifices.

He stated this at a press conference held at the Opposition Leader’s office in Colombo on Wednesday (27).

Mujibur Rahuman also said: “The President addresses the United Nations General Assembly and says in front of world leaders that Sri Lanka’s economic stability needs to be improved. The President is showing that he is doing a great deal to rebuild the economy.”

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