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Govt lost Rs. 35 Bn from electronic vehicle import licences – State Minister

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Finance State Minister Dr. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya said that seven vehicles that were suspected to have been imported using electronic vehicle import licenses which were given to encourage migrant workers were taken into custody by the Customs.

Investigations have commenced to find the vehicles suspected to have been sold. The number of vehicles that have been imported to Sri Lanka from the date of the relevant permission till October 16 is 119 and 75 of them have been imported by the same company.

Siyambalapitiya said that the revenue lost by the Government is about Rs. 35 billion. He said that investigations are currently underway on the four issues of undervaluation, misappropriation, payment of taxes to the Inland Revenue Department and whether the relevant vehicles were actually imported with the money of foreign workers. The Minister further said that the final notice was given to the alcohol companies to pay all the arrears before the end of October.

This was in response to an allegation made by the Opposition Leader that further tax concessions are being given to liquor companies.

The Minister mentioned that even the arrears of taxes that have been paid since 10 years will be recovered accordingly. He also emphasized that there is no preparation to give tax concessions to any party involved in the liquor business without the total payment of their tax arrears that are due.

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