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Govt offers minimum paddy purchase prices for Maha harvest

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As per the decision of the Cabinet, the Government has prepared an arrangement for purchasing paddy from farmers in the 2023/24 Maha Season. Accordingly, it was decided to purchase paddy by providing loans to the three sectors of small-and medium-scale paddy mill owners, paddy storage owners and paddy collectors on a concessionary interest basis by public and private banks.

In the implementation of the paddy purchase programme by these three sectors, the said departments will purchase paddy under the minimum purchase prices for paddy presented by the Agriculture Department.

Thus, the Agriculture Department has presented the minimum purchase prices for paddy for this paddy purchasing programme which is being implemented under the full supervision of the Finance Ministry.

To purchase this paddy, the Government is going to provide a maximum loan amount of Rs. 50 million for small-and medium-scale rice mill owners and a maximum loan amount of Rs. 25 million for paddy storage owners and paddy collectors through public and private banks. This loan scheme is to be implemented countrywide, and under this, only paddy harvests of the 2023/24 Maha Season can be purchased.

Accordingly, the paddy purchase should be done at the prices offered by the Agriculture Department. Also, the supervision of this paddy purchase is implemented jointly with the Agrarian Development Department and the District Secretaries and the Divisional Secretaries.

The Agriculture Department took suggestions from all sectors including farmers’ organisations in determining the maximum prices. Accordingly, steps were taken by the Agriculture Department to present these prices.

According to these prices, it has been possible to give the highest price for the 2023/24 Maha Season paddy harvest.

Meanwhile, according to the instructions of Agriculture and Plantation Industries Minister Mahinda Amaraweera, the Paddy Marketing Board has used a special arrangement to buy paddy this time, according to Agriculture Ministry Secretary Janaka Dharmakeerthi. Especially for consumer protection in cases of rising rice prices, as well as in cases of falling rice prices, the Rice Marketing Board increases the price of rice with the aim of keeping the rice price stable for farmers. For this, a Cabinet paper is to be submitted for Cabinet approval. He also said that the Paddy Marketing Board has planned to get Rs. 2 billion for the purchase of paddy.

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