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Govt. will never suppress Social Media – Acting Minister Shantha Bandara

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Every country in the world that collapsed was rebuilt through collective efforts. At a difficult time for the country, you have to make a sacrifice to rebuild the country, without leaving it, said Acting Minister of Mass Media Shantha Bandara.

He stated this while presiding at a ceremony to grant Appointment Letters to 133 Postal Service Officers under the category of Supervisory Management Assistants and 26 Postal Drivers.

Minister Shantha Bandara further stated, “We are happy to be able to make the long pending appointments today. After I became the Minister of State in this Ministry, most of the calls came asking about the appointment delay, from those who passed the examination.

We were going through one of the worst periods in the country, and all recruitment was temporarily suspended to manage costs. But for such essential appointments, a Cabinet sub-committee had been appointed by the Prime Minister’s Secretary, as per the instructions of the President.

Our Cabinet Minister Dr. Bandula Gunawardane presented this Cabinet paper prepared byMinisterial Secretary Anusha Palpita.

Even though several appointments were given earlier, there was no opportunity to hold such a ceremony because an election had been announced at that time. Especially since they are dealing with money here, these Appointees have a lot of responsibility. According to the financial regulation, even if one rupee is stolen or 1 million is stolen, it is still a theft. We are spending a lot of time searching for the culprit in such situations. As a department, it is essential to speed up these inspections.

According to 2022 Central Bank reports, the tax revenue of our country is 1,751 billion. From this, 72% is paid for salaries and pensions, and the remaining 28% is for allowances including Samurdhi and elderly allowances. So we do not have any money left from tax revenue for education, construction, communication activities, and health facilities. That is why every government has to take loans to carry out these activities in this country. This situation can be changed if a government comes that can cut public service, cut subsidies, and eliminate pensions.

The current president took charge of the country at a difficult time. He appointed us to free the country from this economic crisis and today it has significant results. By next month, we can make this country free from bankruptcy. After that, the economy of this country should be strengthened step by step.

We need to change the fact that the postal department is a loss-making department. By the end of this year, it will be possible to reduce the loss of the postal department, which was losing Rs.7,000 million, to Rs.4,000 million. If we follow the target, by December next year, the Postal department will no longer depend on the Treasury.

In the Postal department, we have to turn to other ways of generating income. Especially soon, we have to face big competition with the private sector. We need to refer to the modern technology required for it.

An opinion is now spreading that the government is trying to suppress social media. This is not a bill brought by our ministry, this is a bill brought by the Ministry of Public Security.

How many children commit suicide today because of social media, how many marriages break because of social media, and how many difficulties are caused to religions because of social media. Hence, is it wrong to find an answer to this? I say with responsibility that this government, including the President, will never suppress social media”.

Postmaster General S.R.W.M.R.P. Sathkumara who also participated in this event stated addressing the appointees, that after a very difficult process, they got the approval to give these appointments. And there he also asked the appointees to always put their work and the department first. He further requested them not to act against the purpose of the department for any reason.

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