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Group blocks road, forcibly takes away sand mining suspect, tipper in Kilinochchi

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Kilinochchi Police have started an extensive investigation to find a group of people who forcibly took away a suspect who was arrested by Kilinochchi Division Criminal Investigation Bureau officers for sand smuggling along with the tipper truck loaded with sand.

The Kilinochchi divisional crime investigation bureau conducted a raid in the reserve on Akkarayan road in Kilinochchi last Wednesday (21) morning after information was received about sand smuggling going on there. Even when the police team entered the reserve, a tipper was inside the reserve, loaded with sand, and accordingly, police officers arrested the driver of the tipper with the tipper loaded with sand. While they are arriving at the Kilinochchi police station, a group of people who had blocked the road with another tipper said that they could not allow the suspect to be taken away with the sand lorry. At that time, the police officers were dressed in civilian clothes, so one of the officers said that he was a police officer and showed his ID card to the people who blocked the road. There, the police officer’s identity card and the mobile phone in his hand were thrown away and the lorry along with the suspect was abducted by the group of six persons.

The officers of the Divisional Crime Investigation Bureau have made a complaint to the Kilinochchi Police. A senior police officer of the Kilinochchi Police stated that investigations are underway to arrest the suspects.

Friday, June 23, 2023 – 01:00

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