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“Hainan, to be new export market for Lankan fruits”

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Sri Lanka is looking at opening up a new export market for local fruit and vegetables in Hainan Province China, said Minister of Plantation Industries Dr. Romesh Pathirana.

He was speaking at the Opening Ceremony of Seminar on Tropical Fruit Cultivation and Processing Technologies for Sri Lanka, on September 25, at Main Auditorium of Sethsiripaya Stage II, Battaramulla.

Dr. Pathirana said that Hainan Province has a huge market and due to this there is potential to export local fruit and vegetables to the region. The Minister said that they are also seeking Hainan Province assistance to increase local agriculture sector productivity and also are seeking their assistance to reduce post harvest losses and improve on the packaging sector. He also recalled the close Indo China relations of which are over several centuries old and also said that they increased after Sri Lanka gained independence.

Vice Governor of Hainan Province GU Gang, said that they will create more opportunities to import Sri Lana produce and will also help the Sri Lanka agro sector to increase harvest by providing new technology. He said that they will also assist in housing many workshops on Tropical Fruit Cultivation and Processing Technologies in the future as well. Hainan Island, the largest and most populous island in China, makes up the vast majority (97%) of the province.

He said that both Hainan Province and Sri Lanka have the same climatic conditions and due to this sharing of advanced technology in Agro sectors can benefit Sri Lanka. “Due to this factor we have also entered into a MoU with Wayamba University to help enhance knowledge of undergraduates in the agro sector.”

He also disclosed that Hainan Province is building the world’s largest ‘Free Port’ not only offering zero tax but also simplified taxes.


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