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Harshana a talented chess player

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Harshana started his training from the year 2013 to 2019 and at first as a promising Junior Chess player he started from 1700 elo range and reached 2400 elo range and was rated as the No.One rated strongest chess Player in Sri Lanka.

Harshana a talented chess player
Harshana Thilakaratne playing a game of Chess

He was placed as the National Champion of Sri lanka in the Year 2019 and Harshana represented the Country for Chess Olympiad and many

other top World Youth Tournaments. He won both domestic and International victories and medals in youth tournaments especially the Commonwealth Under 16 Youth Chess Championship.

Harshana got a significant progress after training on opening repertoire and he built-up a strong mentality and motivation to reach National Top level, as his trainer was also a national top level player in Sri lanka.

As the School authorities of our Country consider studies first it is difficult to focus much on games like Chess as they are time consuming and the Chess players have less time to spend on the game and it is difficult to make a Standard Plan. Since this is the situation, the trainer says that he has to focus on strategic implementations of lesser time consumption other than spend time on more standard sessions.

Harshana is really interested in the Game of Chess and he will go on engaging in Chess tournaments in National and International level and his intention is to become a versatile Chess player of Sri Lanka.

Harshana is currently focusing on his G.C.E.(A/L) examination and his ambition is to be a Professional Chess player in future.

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