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Having problems getting your groceries and medications? Providore & MyMed have the solution.

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The impact of COVID19 has brought many issues to the surface. One of them being the home delivery of groceries and medications during restrictions occurring due to the ongoing pandemic. The initial stages were chaotic for many businesses, but many have been quick to adapt to the changing purchase patterns and demands of its consumers.


Online shopping has become a global trend and a crucial part of people’s lives. With a growing number of online orders being placed, most businesses will agree that it’s easier said than done, with late or missed deliveries being a common occurrence during the process. When it comes to medication, particularly for the elderly, home delivery became an absolute priority, especially for those confined to their homes.


Two organizations that have kept a watchful eye on the country’s economic climate and are eager to provide sustainable solutions are “MyMed” and “Providore”.


MyMed has been a constant companion with individuals on their passage to improved health.They are a blend between health and wellness that has also built connections with a number of leading pharmacies island wide. However, concerns regarding the timely delivery of medications have been on the rise as online orders continue to surge.


Providore prides itself in its strong desire to provide high quality food products directly to customers. Having sound knowledge of the production timeline and all the touch points gives Providore the advantage of selling high quality products in a timely manner because the entire delivery process is managed from their own fulfilment centre AND delivery fleet . This leads to less reliance on third party delivery services. The mutual benefits that these organizations can offer each other have resulted in them joining forces to ensure that critical medications are delivered on time with the highest safety standards.


The partnership between MyMed and Providore means that not only can customers get their groceries safely delivered, but prescription medication and a range of OTC products as well.

This is a great initiative given the current economic environment and gives this partnership a foreseeable future for both clients and its loyal customers.


Friday, November 12, 2021 – 16:52

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