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Hesha goes to CID against SLC

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SLC spent Rs.67 Mn for 14 officials for 10 days to promote cricket

One high official has gone to T20 World Cup with 21 people, including his wife, his wife’s brother, his wife’s mother and friends

Another senior official had gone abroad with his friends including an actress

Samagi Jana Balavegaya (SJB) Ratnapura District MP Hesha Withanage pointed out that the noble tradition of presenting the forensic audit report conducted by the National Audit Office regarding the 2020 World Cup cricket tour to Australia in 2020 to Parliament had been violated.

He said that the report had been leaked by social media and urged to investigate.The MP said he would submit a complaint to the Criminal Investigation Department and ask them to find out how the social media have already received it whereas the 225 MPs of Parliament had not received a single copy.

In addition, Withanage also mentioned that he would request the Party Leaders and the Speaker to hold a one or two-day debate on the massive fraud and corruption that had taken place in Sri Lanka Cricket. The MP said this at the special press conference held yesterday afternoon (23) at Waters Edge Hotel, Battaramulla, Colombo.

He further commented: The robbery that has been going on in Sri Lanka Cricket for a long time may destroy cricket in this country, and we urge for a debate in Parliament to reveal information.

According to the report of the committee appointed by the Sports Minister, the report of the Auditor General’s office has been released about the T20 World Cup tour to Australia. The majority of the Parliament has not seen this Auditor General’s report. Usually, the tradition is it should be presented to the Parliament first. But it is now in social media. We need to find out who has acted in such a way undermining the rule of law in this country. So we hope to complain to the CID. How was it leaked? It has not yet been tabled in the Parliament. I believe this is the official report. We need to find out who was at fault. If this report goes to the common people who love cricket in this country, cricket authorities will face trouble. On the one hand, everyone should get this. Everyone wants to know about the destruction of cricket in our country, said the MP.

“There are some important things to be disclosed. If this is not the right document, the correct one must be in the hands of the Deputy Auditor General. We love cricket in this country and we want to know the true story of how a gang has dominated Sri Lanka Cricket. We request the cricket authorities to at least distribute the gift amount of US$ 300,000 received by the players from the T20 World Cup among the players without shedding crocodile tears for the players. Fulfill the duties for the players and don’t try to cover up your thefts and frauds.

“Let me tell you some facts about the 2022 T20 World Cup. According to the audit report, the Executive Committee of Sri Lanka Cricket bore expenses of more than Rs.67 million for 14 officials of the Executive Committee for 10 days to promote cricket in the country. Authorities have not been able to create transparency in appointing officials to the cricket board. Votes of many of the sports clubs are bought. Those who are not really worthy are appointed.

The MP further said that visa permission letters had been issued to 17 other unrelated people with the signature of a high official. “One high official has gone with 21 people, including his wife, his wife’s brother, his wife’s mother and friends. Another senior official had gone with friends including an actress”.

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