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HIP reaffirms Gateway Status with major breakthrough

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“The master plan of the Hambantota International Port clearly spells out supporting the development of Sri Lankan industries servicing overseas markets. This shipment for Dutch Lanka Trailers emphasizes HIP’s position as Sri Lanka’s gateway port and flags a new era for local manufacturers in terms of cost effective methods to reach their respective markets,” said HIP, General Manager Commercial and Marketing, Lance Zuo.

Dutch Lanka Trailers, who usually ship their volumes on flat beds via container vessels, opted to make its current shipment via a RORO carrier calling at HIP. The vessel HESTIA LEADER carrying 10 units of Dutch Lanka trailers left on October 26, headed for a Caribbean Island – USA via the Port of Ennore.

Hambantota International Port Group (HIPG), COO, Tissa Wickramasinghe said, “The Hambantota International Port is well equipped to handle such cargo and has an advanced Turburg tractor which makes it more convenient for the shipper. Higher freight rate charges on container vessels and congestion faced by other ports in handling containerized cargo makes HIP the better choice for such shipments.

Shipping this kind of cargo via RORO vessel is becoming more of a trend because of its cost effectiveness for the shipper and we are looking to explore this new opportunity further.”

Dutch Lanka Trailer Manufacturers, Director, Prasanna Haturusinghe, while congratulating HIP and Dutch Lanka teams for the achievement said the operation of discharging and loading was completed smoothly and the vessel sailed well ahead of the estimated time, which was a great cost saving for the company.

“The port maintained high levels of productivity and efficiency, providing a streamlined service in handling our shipment. While the operation was a cost saving for the company, this in turn helps us in contributing more to the economy,” he said. Dutch Lanka Trailer Manufacturers, Deputy General Manager – Sales and Marketing, Ajith Gunasekara said, “We need to keep searching for innovative and cost effective freight options during this extremely volatile global logistics era in order to be competitive. This is a great initiative between HIP and Dutch Lanka as this route has never been used by Sri Lankan exporters before.”

“This shipment for Dutch Lanka is another step in our drive to encourage local exports to go out from HIP to the rest of the world. We have plans to continue our cooperation with Dutch Lanka and look into the possibility of creating more viable options in terms of cost effective logistics.”

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