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HNB Assurance Annual Report bags ‘Best of Sri Lanka’ award

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HNB Assurance PLC achieved a remarkable milestone by clinching the coveted “Best of Sri Lanka” award at the 37th Annual International ARC Awards, recognized as the world’s largest and most prestigious competition for annual reports, held in New York.

This significant achievement underlines the company’s commitment to excellence in corporate reporting. The Annual International ARC Awards, honors organizations worldwide for their exceptional annual report publications setting the benchmark of annual reports. HNB Assurance’s recognition of the all-encompassing ‘Best of Sri Lanka’ award, spanning across every sector, resonated with the very essence of its Annual Report’s theme, ‘Above All, We Rise’ underscoring the company’s relentless pursuit of excellence and our ability to surpass every challenge.

CEO of HNB Assurance, Lasitha Wimalaratne, said, “ to be named as the ‘Best of Sri Lanka’ across all sectors is definitely no easy task, especially when you are up against companies of all scales in the county. This award reflects our dedication to transparency and our commitment to providing clear and comprehensive report to our stakeholders, in a creative manner. This achievement certainly highlights the hard work and diligence of our entire team and our agency partner Emagewise Pvt Ltd.”

CEO of HNB General Insurance, Sithumina Jayasundara, opined, “Our journey at HNB Assurance Group has always been marked by our commitment to provide the best for our stakeholders, be it our customers, shareholders, employees or the communities we serve. This award for the 2022 annual report reaffirms our belief and motivates bus as a group to continue on this journey where we strive towards excellence.”

CFO of HNB Assurance, Punsirini Perera, emphasized the importance of transparent financial reporting, saying, “Trust is the cornerstone of the insurance industry. You can only be successful as a company when you earn the trust of your stakeholders. Being transparent helps you earn this trust and we have always believed in delivering financial reports that not only meet regulatory requirements but also engage and inform our shareholders, whereby earning their trust.”

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