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HNB celebrates 135 year legacy, launches commemorative stamp

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Consolidating its legacy as a cornerstone of the nation’s banking system, Sri Lanka’s premier private sector bank HNB PLC, celebrated its 135th year of supporting customers and businesses to achieve their financial goalswith the release of a commemorative stamp.

HNB’s Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Alles said, “Since our inception, HNB has recognized that our true strength lies not only in our financial prowess but also in the people we serve – frombudding savers to thriving SMEs.”

“Initiatives like ‘Gami Pubuduwa’ exemplify our commitment to embedding ourselves within communities, fostering relationships based on continuous progress and shared prosperity. Throughout, HNB has served as a beacon of, hope, guiding micro-businesses to international success, and showcasing the resolute spirit of Sri Lankan entrepreneurship.”

HNB has served as a partner in progress to generations of Sri Lankans, standing out as a symbol of resilience and innovation. The bank, and the brand have continued to evolve and adapt to an increasingly volatile, fast-paced economic landscape.

HNB Managing Director/CEO Jonathan Alles addressing the event.

HNB Managing Director/CEO Jonathan Alles addressing the event.

Over the past decade, the bank underwent an ambitious transformation, leveraging technology and digitalisation to drive sweeping upgrades to its infrastructure with a view to enable greater speed, agility and accuracy across its back-end systems.

This in turn resulted in radical improvements in service delivery and customer experience. Particularly in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, HNB’s unmatched strengths in digital banking also helped drive the nation’s digital adoption to new heights.

Amidst these trials, HNB focused on providing uninterrupted service, ensuring stability for its customers leveraging streamlined administrative systems, redesigned product portfolios, to establish a thriving digital payment ecosystem accessible to all Sri Lankans. The journey of brand HNB is a testament to its ability to adapt, innovate, and grow in the face of adversity. The bank’s commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences, coupled with its focus on sustainability and technological innovation, has cemented its position as a trusted and forward-thinking financial institution in Sri Lanka. As HNB continues to evolve, it remains dedicated to serving as a partner in progress for its customers and the nation, building a legacy that will endure for generations to come.

Moreover, the bank’s new brand identity reinforces its efforts to deliver convenient, seamless solutions designed to delight customers while reliably fulfilling their every banking need. This transformation was not just about a new visual identity but reflected a deeper commitment to innovation and customer-centricity. The rebranding process was carefully crafted to acknowledge and celebrate the bank’s remarkable 135-year legacy, but always with an eye to the future.

As a heritage brand for the nation, the vibrant new look and energetic feel rolling out across HNB’s network symbolizes a new chapter for the bank and the nation – one in which HNB aims to play a catalytic role in Sri Lanka’s challenging road to a lasting recovery.

As Sri Lanka’s largest private sector retail bank, HNB has remained unwavering in its dedication to the nation’s growth and it has won a haul of awards both globally and locally for its excellence.

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