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HNB’s pioneering RPA into Custody Banking and Trustee Services

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Hatton National Bank PLC, has pioneered the integration of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into its Custodial Banking and Trustee Services system in a move that will greatly improve its service and operations capabilities.

Designed to supplement rather than replace, the automation allows employees to focus on more specialised requirements, setting a robust foundation for upscaling. The RPA automates manual tasks, reducing the risk of human errors and drastically reducing processing time by almost 90%, allowing for trade reports to be given on the same day (T) as opposed to the following day (T+1).

Further downstream (in the process), the time taken for Equity and Margin settlements is also expected to be reduced significantly by approximately 96% with the phased roll-out of the second leg of RPA implementation.

“As the first local private bank to implement RPA in this field with the support of POTENZA (Pvt) Limited, I believe the unparalleled efficiency provided by automation further cements our position as the leader in custodial banking. Being the foremost local private commercial bank offering custodial services in Sri Lanka, our ability to lead the segment is driven by the strength of our global and local relationships, supplemented by our significant and continuous investments in technologies that optimised efficiency and service capabilities.

Moving forward, we plan to continue building on our achievements by further expanding on our foreign markets, continually upgrading our technologies and working closely with our clients to ensure sustainable growth and success,” said HNB Head of Custody and Trustee Services, Tyrone Hannan.

“This is a significant milestone as part of HNB’s on-going journey of leveraging Robotic Process Automation Technology to garner exponential improvement in process efficiencies for improved customer and staff experience. This will also enable the business to increase its processing capacity with its existing resources,” said HNB Head of Process Excellence (Services), Christopher Thuraisingham.

HNB’s digitalisation efforts, exemplified through the effective use of RPA, follow its impressive growth in the sector and have served to further cement the bank’s position as a custodian and trustee to the nation – with an overwhelming market share, evidenced by assets over LKR 400 billion under Custody at the close of Q1 2023. The Bank is also one of the largest Settlement Bankers to the Colombo Stock Exchange.

Successfully launched in June 2018, HNB’s Custody and Trustee services play a pivotal role in facilitating its large client base in gaining easier access to the capital market and participating actively in IPOs and the corporate bonds market.

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