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Hostage-release deal could see conflict paused for two months

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The American officials, who wished to remain anonymous, said the terms of the deal in progress would play out in two phases.

In the first phase women, the elderly and wounded captives would be released by Hamas as fighting would pause.

During this hiatus, Israel and Hamas would have to figure out the second phase in order for Israeli soldiers and civilian men to be freed. In total, more than 100 captives are expected to be liberated in the agreement.

The emerging deal also calls for Israel to allow more humanitarian aid into Gaza – as residents describe “huge suffering” due to a lack of food and one working water pipeline between Israel and the besieged strip, according to the UN’s agency for Palestine.  More than 1.9 million Gazans have been displaced since 7 October and a tent ‘city’ of almost two square miles has been set up in Rafah, South of the strip.

No food or medical supplies are allowed to enter the territory, including sanitary products.  (SKY News)

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