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IGP orders OICs to act fast on public complaints

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The Police Headquarters emphasizes that measures will be taken in the future to remove Police Station OIC’s and those in charge of divisional areas who have not properly dealt with the complaints received at Police Stations.

Investigations will be conducted and strict disciplinary action will be taken against any officer who acts in a way that causes inconvenience to the public.In the cross-examinations conducted by the Police Headquarters as per the instructions of the Inspector General, it has been revealed that the headquarters circulars and instructions were not acted upon regarding the complaints received from the public at the police stations.

The Inspector General had issued orders to the director of the Special Investigation Unit of the Police to conduct inspections on 125 such cases. Investigations have been conducted on those 125 cases and investigations have been completed in 84 cases so far. The Special Investigation Unit Director has made recommendations on 61 of them, and after confirming the allegations in 13 of those 61 files, nine officers have been charged and 19 have been given warning papers. The 23 files expected to be submitted have also been charged and cautioned, and further investigations are being carried out by the Special Investigation Unit on 41 files. The Police Media Division states that among the officers who have been charged, there are police station OIC’s and they will be removed from their respective positions in the future.

It is mentioned that the Police headquarters will continue to conduct investigations and take strict disciplinary action against the station OICs and every other officer who causes inconvenience to the public in this way.

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