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Imposing high taxes will lead to brain drain – SJB

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Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB), National Organizer Tissa Attanayaka highlighted the Government’s decision of imposing high taxes from the monthly salaries of public and private sector employees and said it is not ethical at this juncture to impose over 30 percent massive tax from employees who are drawing a salary of over Rs.100,000 a month.

Addressing a media briefing Attanayaka said almost all public and private sector professionals including doctors, engineers, university dons, scientists, economists, lecturers, financial sector professional, IT

professional etc. are highly disappointed over the decision taken by the Government and this decision will ultimately lead to the brain drain in the country.

He said we have already received information that many professionals in the country is planning to leave the country for better prospects.

Attanayaka said at this moment the Government should immediately withdraw this decision as such a massive tax impose from the salaries of employees should not be done, especially when considering the day today escalating prices of essential commodity items.

“As we are aware almost all professionals who are drawing such five figure salaries are uncomfortable due to prices of all day today essential goods and services,” he said.

He said in addition when imposing such unbearable taxes not only the prices of commodity items will go up but also how do they repay their bank, housing and vehicle loans.

He said in addition it will be another burden to common people especially labourers, daily wage earners and people engaged in small manufacturing sectors.

Attanayaka further expressed concern over the arresting of public for being engaged in protest campaigns conducted over this unethical tax impose.

He said people are engaged in protest campaigns not to disrupt the Government or tarnish the Government’s image but to highlight the authorities that the decision of imposing taxes from monthly salaries of public and private sector employees was not ethical.

He said these protestors fight against the injustices caused to their salaries by imposing taxes and requested the Government not to impose such unbearable Taxes from their monthly salaries when the prices of commodity items have skyrocketed unbearably.




Saturday, January 28, 2023 – 01:00

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