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India, Japan agree to strengthen bilateral cooperation

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Issues like air pollution, sustainable technologies and transports, climate change, marine litter, fluorocarbons, COP 26 among others were discussed. In the meeting, Yadav acknowledged the importance of Indo-Japan bilateral cooperation on the environment and appreciated efforts made by Japan in bringing new technologies to India.

He also highlighted the achievements made by India in tackling climate change under the leadership of our Prime Minister.

Yadav stated, “India and Japan may explore strengthening bilateral cooperation especially on circular economy and resource efficiency, low carbon technology, green hydrogen, etc.”

Given Japan’s expertise and technology on low carbon technology, minister requested Japan to consider joining the leadership group for industry transition, a global initiative spearheaded by India and Sweden

Shinjiro mentioned that both countries can strengthen bilateral cooperation through the Joint Credit Mechanism (JCM), Coalition for Disaster Resilience Infrastructure (CDRI) and may also explore collaboration in areas endorsed by the G20, especially on climate, environment and energy.

“Made an intervention at one of the ministerial meetings today in the run up to @COP26 stating that it is necessary to ensure that the negotiations regarding the next step on Common Time Frames should be rooted in the mandates and principles of the @UNFCCC and its Paris Agreement,” Minister stated after the meeting. (ANI)

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