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Irresponsible behaviour leads to increase in COVID cases

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There was an increase in Covid-19 infections 10 days after the lockdown was lifted. “This is the result of our irresponsible behaviour. Since this is an issue connected to the lives of the people, everyone should be concerned with preventing Covid-19, Deputy Director General Health Services (DDGHS), Dr. Hemantha Herath said.

He told a press briefing at the Health Promotion Bureau in Colombo on Friday that the impact of their behaviour will be seen in another 10 days’, “We have to follow all basic health guidelines, all the time to prevent another wave of Covid-19. Following health guidelines, at least delays the onset of another wave and it will also minimise its magnitude.”

Dr. Herath said that it is natural to have Covid-19 waves during the new normalcy and even well developed countries face this situation. What is needed is identifying the wave early and taking steps to control it.

None of the Covid-19 vaccines prevent infections. They only reduce the number of deaths and ICU or hospital admissions. All those who are vaccinated should keep this in mind, he said.

Sunday, November 14, 2021 – 11:44

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