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Israel to offer THIRD COVID JAB for over 60s

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The jabs will begin on Sunday as part of a “complementary vaccination campaign” for people aged over 60 who were fully vaccinated more than five months ago, he said, as concern mounts over the fast-spreading Delta variant.

“I call on all elderly people who have already been vaccinated to receive this additional dose,” Bennett said. “Protect yourselves.”

About 55 percent of Israel’s nine million population has been double vaccinated, most with the Pfizer-BioNTech jab, thanks to a massive campaign launched in late December after an agreement with its producers.

“Israel has already vaccinated 2,000 immunosuppressed people with a third dose, with no severe adverse events,” Bennett said. “And now we’re rolling out a national third dose campaign.”

Israeli President Isaac Herzog was expected to receive the booster yesterday(Friday).

“The decision was based on considerable research and analysis, as well as the rise in risk of the Delta variant wave,” Bennett said.

Israel has recorded more than 1,400 COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours.

“This third dose can save lives,” Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz said.

Israel’s digitised medical databases allowed for rapid large-scale studies, and its initial vaccine rollout of the jab was among the world’s fastest.

Case numbers dropped dramatically, and in early June Israel eased many restrictions.

Israel has vaccinated at least 57% of the 9.3 million population with both doses and vaccinated 64% with at least one dose. – HINDUSTAN TIMES

Source DailyNews
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