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Japan donates laptops to IT students

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Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena handed over laptops to software engineering students at a function held at the Temple Trees (February 29).

Japanese IT University has provided free laptops to software engineering students of newly-established Lanka Nippon BizTech Institute (LNBTI), with the contribution of funds from Japan.

The Prime Minister attended the ceremony and handed over laptops to several students marking the importance of this significance gesture to bridge the digital gap and his LNBTI’s unwavering commitment to enhancing student access to technology. Acting Japanese ambassador, Katsuki Kotaro and the Secretary to the Prime Minister, Anura Dissanayake handed over laptops to another group of students. The Acting Ambassador said Japan is committed to support Sri Lanka’s digital development and urged the students to make best use of state of art technology available to them to successfully navigate their future careers.

These cutting-edge devices, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, are poised to empower LNBTI students pursuing their Software Engineering Degree Program. LNBTI, a collaboration between “hSenid Ventures” of Sri Lanka and “Metatechno Inc.” of Japan, stands as the first and only Japanese higher education institute with degree-awarding status in South Asia.

Director LNBTI said several free laptops are available for students from rural areas who wish to join the Institute.

The event culminated with the Prime Minister encouraging LNBTI students to harness the power of technology for innovation, education, and socio-economic development. This ceremony stands as a beacon of progress, epitomizing LNBTI’s commitment to unleashing the potential of technology to uplift forthcoming graduates and serving as an inspiration for future initiatives dedicated to bringing the two nations closer through the contribution of professionals in the IT industry. LNBTI Directors Saman Kumara and Ravinder Perera, academic staff, students and parents attended this function.

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