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JMO orders further inquiry into deaths of two in Kalubowila

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Kalubowila Hospital sources said that since the body of a person discovered in a room of a three-storied building Kohuwala was brought to the hospital without a Magistrate conducting an examination on-site and as there were doubtful abrasions and scratches on a number of places on the body, the Office of the Kalubowila Teaching Hospital’s Judicial Medical Officer had taken steps to carry out further inquiries through a Magisterial investigation.

Accordingly, after the post-mortem examination, the Judicial Medical Officer had concluded that body parts should be sent to the Government Analyst by giving an open verdict without giving the cause of death of the deceased.

Information had been received via the 119-emergency phone number that a couple had been staying on rent basis in a three-storied building in Kohuwala and that one of the persons there had died suddenly July 15. Accordingly, Kohuwala police officers had gone to the place and conducted preliminary investigations and informed the coroner who was on duty at the Kalubowila Teaching Hospital about the incident.

Usually, when such an incident is reported, a Coroner goes to the scene of the incident, conducts an on-site investigation and decides on further investigations regarding the body. In this case, the coroner had ordered the Police to bring the body to the mortuary of the Kalubowila Teaching Hospital.

Accordingly, when the body was brought to the morgue and examined, suspicious scratches had been found on the neck, face and chest area of the body. As a result the Judicial Medical Officer had given instructions to stop the examination and immediately continue it further through a magisterial investigation.

In the post-mortem examination conducted according to the order of the Magistrate, the JMO of the Kalubowila Teaching Hospital had concluded that body parts should be sent to the Government Analyst and an open verdict had been issued without giving the cause of death.

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