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JVP ruined economy in 1971, 88 insurrections – SJB

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It is ironic to see the JVP led NPP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake speaking about reviving the country’s economy recently as

JVP was the party which ruined the country’s economy, especially the rural economy, through their two armed insurrections in 1971 and 1988-89, the newly appointed SJB co-organizer for Biyagama electorate, former Western Provincial Council member Nirosha Athukorala said.

Addressing media recently Athukorala said the JVP caused unprecedented harm to the country’s economy during their rebellions in 1971 and 1988-89.

“The JVP is saying that they will revive the economy. The JVP was responsible for creating an environment where 96,000 young people had to sacrifice their lives. They ruined the economy. That is the political party which brought chaos to this country,” she said. Athukorala went on to say that the JVP insurrection of 1971 killed the economy of the rural areas.

“The development of the rural areas requires the involvement of entrepreneurs. Most entrepreneurs come from the rich families with enough money to invest and they are not in the rural areas now. That was the legacy left by JVP with their two insurrections” she added.

Athukorala said the SJB has a team of experts with a good track record in affairs related to the economy.

She said they are already preparing a plan on how to resurrect the economy which has plunged to abysmal levels.

Thursday, February 2, 2023 – 01:05

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