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‘Kabara’ Suresh, two others arrested over Rs.100 Mn from businessman’s house

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The Colombo Crimes Police said three persons including ‘Kabara’ Suresh were arrested for stealing gold items and foreign currency worth about Rs.100.5 million after breaking into a millionaire businessman’s house in Borella.

Nearly 6 grams of drugs were discovered in the possession of the two suspects and the Police took it into their custody.

Police said that among the suspects is a woman named ‘Pitakotuwe Baba’.

During interrogation of the suspects, two gold necklaces, two rings, two pendants and a melted ball of gold weighing 22 carat, 22 grams, 18 carat, a ball of gold weighing 15 grams,17 50 Sterling Pound notes and five 100-dollar notes were also seized by the Police.

On December 10 last year, the suspect named ‘Kabara’ Suresh had broken into the millionaire businessman’s house in Borella, stolen the items and given the gold items and money to a woman named ‘Pitakotuwe Baba’. She had pawned the gold items in the Ragama, Ekala, Kelaniya and Pettah areas.

The foreign currency stolen had been exchanged with a person named ‘Guide’ who supplies foreigners with drugs. Police said that the suspects were arrested after this information was revealed.

According to information received by Inspectors Bandara and Madhuranga, officers of the Organized Crime Unit of the Colombo Crime Division regarding the suspects, they were able to uncover information regarding the property stolen from the millionaire businessman’s house during an interrogation of persons arrested from Kirulapone and other areas.

‘Kabara’ Suresh, a resident of the Kirulapone area had been released on bail on August 22 after serving 10 years in prison in connection with numerous thefts and it was discovered upon questioning him that on December 10, it was discovered that the property from the millionaire businessman’s house had been stolen.

Saturday, May 6, 2023 – 01:09

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