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Kandy boasts of its reputation for sporting excellence

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In cricket, schools are giving their best and the Kandy District Cricket Association has brought back club cricket to where it was at one time.

The first unofficial Test was played at the Bogambara Grounds in 1889. Football at one time was the most popular sport and has sadly taken a backseat in the recent past at club level but some schools are keeping the game alive.

The cue sport, billiards, and snooker have taken a nosedive. There are no tournaments unlike in the past when there were Inter-Club matches between Kandy clubs and also played against Colombo clubs.

Boxing remains a popular sport among the schools. One time kings of the ring were Trinity College and later St. Sylvester’s College. Now, most of the schools are in the ring and are doing well.

Netball at school level is the best. This game was first played in Kandy in 1921 and Girls’ High School was the first to touch netball.

In athletics, all schools are doing well and have their annual Inter-House Sports Meets.

Table tennis was popular in the early days with the Municipal Community Centres giving big support.

Badminton at one time was an interesting sport. Something must be done to lift the game.

Volleyball at certain times was a popular game and today the much- needed support is not forthcoming for the game.

Basketball continues to produce talented players at schools. Lawn tennis too is played by few schools. Cycling was popular and there were races on many occasions. Chess and carrom are popular for a long period and are the only games, which are continued online.

Iron sport, bodybuilding, and weightlifting are in a good position. Motor racing in the good old days was at its best and had the Wace Park Hill Climb, Hanthana Hill Climb, and the Road Race around the Kandy Lake.

Karate is on a good footing, now baseball is introduced and it needs the much-needed backing. Then the most popular sport among the needy is softball cricket, which is still alive.

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