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Kandy canine ‘Charlie’ sniffs his way to robber’s house

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Kandy, Asgiriya Police Kennal dog Charlie was able to track down a suspect after sniffing a piece of cloth that   the suspect had used to cover his TV set.

The dog has run for one kilometer following the trail to the place where the suspect was hiding.

The dog has managed to catch a person from the Galagedara area who broke into a house in Sandoon Uyana area of the Galgedara Police division and stole electrical appliances and brass items.

Police said that the piece of cloth that covered the TV set fell on the ground in the house while the suspect was stealing the goods and the dog went to the house of the suspect following the trail obtained from it. The theft took place when the residents of the house went to a relative’s house in the Bakamoona area. According to a complaint made by the residents to the Galagedara Police regarding the incident, steps were taken to deploy a German Shepherd dog, Charlie brought from the Netherlands and has been trained for almost five years.

The dog went to the house of the suspect after sniffing a piece of cloth and the Police later found part of the goods stolen from the house during the subsequent inspection at the house of the suspect.


Wednesday, June 14, 2023 – 01:00

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