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Karu leads Asian Cycling delegation for World Congress

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Karunaratna will act as the Head of the delegation representing the Asian Cycling Federation, in addition to his role as President, CFSL voting for the Congress.

Sri Lanka received the highest recognition and support from the 44 Asian Countries at the elections of the Asian Cycling Federation (ACC) held recently to select its nine representatives.

President CFSL, Karunaratne topped the elections by obtaining the highest number of votes polled out of the 21-member countries who submitted their nominations.

At the Asian Cycling Federation elections 35 counties casted their votes to select their voting delegates and of which 33 member counties voted for Karunaratna. Hence, Sri Lanka represented by Karunaratne is bestowed with the distinguished honors of being selected as the head of the nine-member Asian Voting Delegation.

The rest of the members of the delegation are from Singapore, Thailand, China, South Korea, Iran, Kazakhstan and Malaysia.

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