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Kavindya Amarasena – an outstanding karateka from Kandy

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Kavindya Amarasena
Kavindya Amarasena

Kavindya Amarasena is an outstanding karate exponent to have emerged from St. Anthony’s Convent, Kandy.

She has won many awards in karate over the past years bringing credit to the Kandy District.

Kavindya has already participated in the International Karate Championships such as the Gensei Ryu Seidokai Karate Do International Junior Championship in 2006 whilst taking part in the Gensei Ryu All-island Inter-Schools Karate Championship in 2008, Sri Lanka Karate Do Federation Inter-Provincial Championship 2010, and the Sri Lanka Karate Championships, representing Central Province in 2011.

In 2013, Kavindya took part in the fourth Silent Knight Karate Cup Championship held in Malaysia. For representing the country and her credible performances overall, she was later awarded Central Province Sports Colours.

The same year, 2013, Kavindya won first place in the Central Province Karate Championships before being amongst the best eight competitors in the 12th International SKA Karate Championship.

In 2014 she competed in the Sri Lanka Schools Senior Karate Championship and the 13th International SKA Karate Championship.

The following year, 2015, she took part in the World Championship (EURO – ASIA) held in Iran and All-Island School Games too.

She performed well in the 2016 third South Asian Karate Championship held in India. In 2018, she fought in the SABRA Karate Championships and in Inter-University Championship.

In the same year, Kavindya participated in the National Sports Festival representing Central Province whilst also giving a fine display of karate.

Kavindya was a top-class athlete, too, taking part in the 2009 Kandy District Track and Field Senior Relay Championship.

In 2011, she represented Kandy District in 100m, and in 2012 and 2013, she ran in the Kandy Zonal Meet in the 4x100m.

In the Sir John Tarbet Senior Athletic Championship, she ran in the 4x100m and in the same event in the All-Island School Games too.

She won her School Colours for athletics for her gaining of the best timing in the 4x100m. In 2014, she ran in both 4x400m and 4x200m at the National Youth Games representing Central Province.

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