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Keep an eye out for ‘Last Message’

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The debut Horror mini-series in Sri Lanka’s YouTube space named as ‘Last Message’ was launched on October 30 at 7pm.

A set of innovative youth, the creators of ‘Tokka Cinema’ who are popular among YouTube viewers, has endeavoured on this project.

A Pilipino actress appearing in the first episode is significant. She has been directed online to do her part in the film which was edited afterwards. Tokka Cinema use VFX, green screen and CGI animation technology to add magic to their creations.

Speaking to the Daily News T&C, the young director cum storyteller and the leader of the team Lakshan Perera said, “Our object is to bring novelty to creations. We have made few short films before which have competed in international platforms. ‘Last Message’ mini-series made in ‘horror movies’ genre comprise a set of horror short films which will give you goosebumps. The significance in launching it in October 30 was to coincide with Halloween.”

The series debuted via ‘Tokka Cinema’ YouTube channel and a fresh episode will be released continually on every Saturday within five weekends. While season-one will have five episodes of short horror films, the second season would catch up. These short films sub-titled in English, Tamil, Hindi, Japanese and Telugu languages thus will cater to a worldwide audience. Subscribers of Tokka Cinema YouTube channel can watch it.

‘Last Message’ was shot in the vicinities of Pelawatta, Moratuwa and Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka apart from the clips obtained from Philippines to be edited. The story revolves around an anonymous message received by some youth via WhatsApp. It says with an eerie picture of a doll, “If you look at this picture, send it to 10 other people, or you will have to face the consequences”. The youth who receive this take a chance and ignore it and they are drawn into a world of evil spirits.

The cast of ‘Last Message’ comprises, Mishiwa Gallardo (Philippines), Isuru Dhananjaya, Osanda Bandara, Hansani Navyanjana, Ashinsani Pathirana, Lukshan Kavindu, Sandunika Indiwari and Abhi Senadheera.

The story is by Isuru Dhanajaya. Editing, VFX and colour devising is done by Lukshan Kavindu. Music scores and sound effects are by Lukshan and Lakshan. Producer of the mini-series is Manuranga. Camera, screenplay and direction is by Lakshan Perera.

Lakshan mainly works with his fulltime teammates; Manuranga, Lukshan and Abhishek and from time to time they obtain services of resourceful youngsters of their generation. Their works are groundbreaking and constantly evolving. The team constantly benchmark with world standards to add value to their creative works.

Past works are testament to the credibility of Tokka Cinema creations.

‘Jessy’ the short film made by Tokka Cinema was officially selected for the Lift-off Global Network’s First-time filmmaker sessions festival (UK) in August 2021. It was also one of the four short movies officially selected for the ‘Team real production (TRP)’ short film festival 2021. Jessy has a rating of 9.5 in the IMDb website that offer film ratings.

“We have so far done short movies to gain recognition. We are currently working on a CGI animated full-length movie to be released in theaters in the country in 2022. Tokka Cinema’s first CGI animated short film, ‘The Tunnel’ can be watched on YouTube”, said Lakshan.

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