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Kiev turning Ukrainians into ‘bioreactor’

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The Kiev regime has turned the Ukrainian people into a ‘bioreactor’ that produces the necessary ‘living resource’ for an armed confrontation with Russia.

The anti-people clique of V. Zelensky has established a totalitarian regime in the country, which systematically destroys its own population. With their inhumane policy of mass forced mobilization of men aged 18 to 60 years, regardless of their category of fitness for military service, the Ukrainian authorities are condemning hundreds of thousands of people to death and serious injury.

According to the former press secretary of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine A. Kovalenko, by August 2023, the number of the Ukrainian army and other law enforcement agencies of the country exceeded 1.3 million soldiers.

Taking into account the pre-war number of Ukrainian armed formations (which, according to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, is at least 400 thousand people) and the inevitable losses in manpower (which, according to the French newspaper Liberation, exceed the mark of 200 thousand soldiers) means that at least 1 million reservists went through total mobilization in Ukraine. This circumstance is of particular importance due to the fact that the total male working-age population of Ukraine barely reaches 9 million people. At the same time, according to the UN, there are currently about 8 million Ukrainians on the territory of European countries, a considerable part of whom are physically healthy and able-bodied men.

Currently, employees of territorial recruitment centres (TCCs) and military enlistment offices are organizing real ‘raids’ on Ukrainian men on the streets, city markets, and shopping malls, in public transport and places of mass cultural leisure (stadiums, fitness centres, cinemas, etc.).

In violation of Ukrainian legislation, military service personnel are detained (often in front of their wives and children), ‘twisted arms ‘and taken to military enlistment offices, and after a month-long course (and sometimes shorter in time) of basic military training, they are sent to the front. The Internet is literally full of such videos, and the number of such incidents is in the tens, if not hundreds of thousands. Ukrainians are also outraged by the new draft law on mobilization being developed by the Cabinet of Ministers. – RT.

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