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Kumar Sangakkara, Yohani at Dubai Expo

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The writer Kiran Rai with Kumar Sangakara
The writer Kiran Rai with Kumar Sangakara

The World Expo 2020 is the largest event throughout the entire world which is equivalent to 600 football pitches and has brought 192 countries from across the world and numerous Presidents and prime ministers have been invited to celebrate their national day.

Award winning Journalist Kiran Rai as got   exclusives with 10 world since October 1, including getting an exclusive with the CDDO of the world Expo – Ahmed Al Khatib, Lord Mayor of London, Foreign Minister of Iraq Fouad Hussein, Minister of State of the UAE Khalifa Shaheen Al Marar, Commissioner of Wales, Deputy Minister of Indonesia, and numerous UAE business leaders and Pavilion directors including meeting with Sri Lankan Cricket Legend Kumar Sangakara.

A total number of visitors throughout the start of October 1 have now rounded up 3 million visitors according to the Khaleej times.

According to the New York Press news agency ‘ the expo has been an incredible journey and not only for us but people across the world to interact with each other’

Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktum the Prime Minister of the UAE has visited the Expo on a number of occasions.

Rai also held discussions and interviews with Politicians such as Prime Minister of Sri Lankan Mahinda Rajapaksa and Sports Minister Namal Rajapaksa.

The New York Press news agency has currently interviewed Sri Lankan Singer Yohani who has made breaking news across Asia and has spoken with Rai on her latest song and how the entire Bollywood came to a standstill including Amitabh Bachan, Jacquline Fernandez and numerous of other Bollywood personalities have done remixes of her latest single.

Kumar Sangakara spoke to Journalist Kiran about why he came to the expo 2020 and the importance of being around the venue to promote tourism and help younger people be influenced by the world of cricket.

The world exclusive interview with Yohani will debut on the 13th November 2020.

This is a short interview with the Iran Pavilion Director and Minister Mohammed Hussain and Oman Pavilion Director and Minister Khalid Mubarak.

Iran Pavilion Director and Minister Mohammed Hussain….

Q: What does the expo mean to you? –

A: It means so much but also bringing Iran to Dubai and showcasing what we really do is important and how to change people’s opinion about Iran.

Q: What’s the aim you’re trying to portray at the Expo?

A:  We as a nation believe that Iran has been portrayed in the media as a country that involves violence but it’s really nothing like that.

Oman Pavilion Director and Minister Khalid Mubarak. ..

Q: Do you think Oman will showcase tourism at the expo?

A:  Yes 100%, Oman is a beautiful country and has many sorts of amazing tourist locations where we now feel it’s time to push for tourism more.

Q: There have been global figures across the world visiting Oman, what’s the next step?

A: We will push for ministers that we work with to collaborate with Oman to help tourism evolve.

 Q: What’s the impact C-19 having in Oman?

A: Oman is following all the rules and hand washing and the public wearing masks, this is a must and we will continue doing this until the majority of our country is vaccinated.

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