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“Leaving the country is unpatriotic”

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Saman Rathnapriya, Director General of Trade Unions to the President, said that it is not patriotism to go to foreign countries and the only option is that everyone should come together to rebuild this bankrupt country.

He made this comment while addressing a media briefing yesterday (11) at the UNP Headquarters, Sirikotha.

He said: “As of today, the fact that is being seriously talked about in society is the Channel 4 documentary on the Easter attacks. While some of these videos may contain truth, others are clearly exaggerations. It is essential to look into which are the false statements and carry out an investigation into the others. Due to the tragic circumstances of the Easter Sunday attacks, even politics in this country changed. The country became bankrupt.”

“The main accusation is against the Head of the State Intelligence Service Suresh Salley. Pillayan too is being targeted with allegations. It is an individual named Asad Mowlana who is relating information about it. We know very well, who he is. It is mentioned in these videos that a discussion was held to bring about a change in power. Did this discussion actually take place? It has to be truly inquired into.”

“Even the US FBI and the Australian Federal Police carried out a discussion about this. Interpol spoke about this. Also, several commissions were appointed within the country about this. Further, fines were imposed by the Court on the former President, former Inspector General of Police and former Defence Secretary. The President has allowed a debate on this to be conducted in Parliament. Also, a decision has been made to appoint a committee. It should be remembered that some of the people who are expressing their views on this matter now, are the ones who went to the polling station early in the morning and voted for the said change.”

“The issues of the no-confidence motion against the Health Minister became impossible to prove logically with evidence. The Opposition tried to portray them as super lies under Parliamentary privileges. Parliamentarian Kavinda Jayawardena said that certain patients died due to the drug Propofol. Nothing about that has been recorded anywhere. It was proved that they were false statements. A false allegation was made about Panadol and various vitamins. It was apparent that they were untrue statements. The bankrupt Opposition made false statements and it became apparent that they were trying to introduce to society a sensitive subject in a wrong manner.”

“Some Parliamentarians are visiting Geneva and trying to show their opinions. MP Sumanthiran went to Geneva last year. He is attempting to go this year as well. Wasantha Yapa Bandara is also preparing to visit Geneva. The Opposition Leader, those of the Frontline Party, the JVP, all of them have got together and are relating false stories and attempting to bring the people onto the streets. The population of 22 million has realized that these people are talking about false things. It has to be said that apart from everyone getting together and rebuilding this country that became bankrupt, spreading gossip and other details, is not patriotism.”

“The President has focused attention on providing health insurance for every citizen of this country. Also, another effective fact is launching private medical faculties. Due to parents trying to send their children abroad for their education, the wealth of this country is going to foreign countries. Therefore, it is important that universities are established within the country. The special attention of the President has been drawn towards medical tourism. Many people in countries such as France and England are going to Singapore to obtain treatment. Singapore is earning a huge amount from medical tourism.”

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